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   CE certificated       ISO9001

Brief Introduction:

Ultrasonic bonding is primarily used for thermoplastic joining. Compared with other plastic bonding techniques, ultrasonic plastic joining has the advantages of excellent welding quality, high production efficiency and wide application. The applications of ultrasonic welding are extensive and are found in many industries including electronic and electrical, automotive and aerospace, civil engineering, medical, and packaging.
We can develop kinds of automatic ultrasonic welding production line to meet customers' requirements. Standard ultrasonic welding machine can be divided into table-type and cabinet-type. For cabinet-type, a delicate cabinet type work table in accordance with ergonomics is arranged on the basis of the table-type ultrasonic plastic welder to facilitate operation.

Device Characteristics:

a. Suitable for welding pp, ps, pe, pc, abs, pbt, etc.;
b. No need any adhesives or flux, and less heat consumption;
c. Easy operation, high efficiency, excellent outward appearance, and high strength;
d. AIRTAC pneumatic components durability;
e. Automatic and manual operating mode, convenient for adjusting;
f. CE, ISO 9001 international quality certificate;
g. 1-year warranty.

Type KCH-1020 KCH-1520 KCH-2020 KCH-2615 KCH-4215
Frenquency 20KHz 15KHz
Wattage 1000W 1500W 2000W 2600W 4200W
Table-type Size 350*480*1080mm 630*410*1200mm -
Cabinet-Type Size - 700*600*1900mm
Generator size 410*470*170mm 165*530*440mm
ultrasonic plastic joining machine|ultrasonic plastic welder

1000W ultrasonic welding machine     1500-2600W table-type welder      1500-2600W cabinet-type welder   4200W ultrasonic plastic welder

Service Process:

You offer information of the workpieces being welded ( like pictures, materials, sizes, requirements, etc.. If have samples, you'd better to send us some to perform the welding test )——If can be welded, we provide offer sheet——Once confirmed, sign a contract——You paid deposit——Equipment manufacture——Pass your acceptance, and after the receipt of your balance payment, deliver device to you.

Some Application Examples:

Auto parts: bumpers, air filters, car audios, foot pads, door panels, clutch forks
Electric products: humidifiers, chargers, storage battery, telephones, sockets, flash discs
Medical products: leucocyte filters, accurate liquid medicine filters, blood plasma separating cups
Packaging and clothing: valve bags, paper cups, dairy food packing cases, bag belts, zippers
Stationery and toys: ink boxes, file folders, name card holders, albums

View how it works:  

Ultrasonic Horns Of Ultrasonic Plastic Welder:

Customized design according to workpieces being welded:

ultrasonic horns