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Sincerely Invite Oversea Agents

Base on market develop demand, seek for the co-development of the plastic welding machine market, China Kaer Sonic sincerely welcome oversea partners to join us, interested parties may email to
1. Agent Conditions
. With passion for success, pioneering and innovation spirit, hard-working spirit;
. Have certain knowledge of electro-mechanical equipments and understanding to ultrasonic (ultrasonic welding machine);
. Possess good commercial reputation, marketing capacity, investment and risk consciousness.
2. Agent procedure
1) To know equipment knowledge by visiting company website;
2) Get application form from headquarter, and provide headquarter qualified certification, identification, target marketing analysis report and operation plan;
3) After passed preliminary review, headquarter will communicate with agency and explain join terms;
4) To provide competitive agent price base on agent local market potential and sales;
5) Headquarter provide technical supports and operation guides.

For the oversea agents who are signed formal agent agreement, headquarter will protect agent authority in its local market. Headquarter will directly transfer customers from this region to agent and not allow other agents sale to this regional market.

Win-win cooperation
China Kaer Sonic are expecting your join and cooperation!
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