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   CE certificated       ISO9001

Brief Introduction:

The hot melt welding machine is a thermoplastic welding equipment using the surface thermal conduction method to melt the surface of the thermoplastic workpiece being welded and can be applied for melting and connection of refractory workpieces, such as water tanks, combination auto lamps, automobile door plates, bumpers and sinks of washing machines, etc..
The hot melt mold is made through profiling carving aided by computer, ensuring the close fit between the mold and workpieces. The identical welding size of the product provides a neat and orderly appearance.

Device Characteristics:

a. It has the divisional temperature controlling function to ensure even welding;
b. No need any adhesives or flux, and less heat consumption;
c. Easy operation, and high strength;
d. The advanced configuration with a PLC main control system, a touchscreen human-machine interface (HMI) or a threshold raster not only makes operation easy and simple, but also achieves better functions of process monitoring, automatic fault diagnosis, power-off protection, low air pressure protection and abnormal operation protection so as to improve welding quality, ensure the safety of human and equipment and meet the SHE (safety, health and environmental protection) requirements;
e. CE, ISO 9001 international quality certificate.

Type KCR-360 KCR-460 KCR-560 KCR-660
Size according to workpieces
hot melt welding machine|hot plate welding machine

KCR-360 hot melt welding machine  KCR-460 hot plate machine  KCR-560 hot melt welding machine  KCR-660 hot plate welding machine

View how it works:  

Service Process:

You offer information of the workpieces being welded ( like pictures, materials, sizes, requirements, etc.. If have samples, you'd better to send us some to perform the welding test )——If can be welded, we provide offer sheet——Once confirmed, sign a contract——You paid deposit——Equipment manufacture——Pass your acceptance, and after the receipt of your balance payment, deliver device to you.

Some Application Examples:

Lithium battery、Solar water heater tank、Washing machine parts、Steam iron、SRS System、Dashboard、Sunvisor、Car glove box、Car water dispenser、Tail lamp、Car water tank、Expansion tank、Brake oil cup

hot melt welder|hot plate welder applications
    electrical accessories                     Car glove box                         Washing machine parts                    Sunvisor                      solar energy fitting