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Brief Introduction:

China is the largest producer and exporter of hairnet in the world. Kaer took the lead in bringing ultrasonic welding in wig production. There are three steps in wig production, the first is hairnet forming, then fixed nodes welding, and the last is overlock welding. Accordingly, three equipments are required:
i. Hairnet forming machine
This fake hairnet forming machine is specially used for high-temperature forming of fake hairnet. The overall unit adopt PLC control, the temperature of up and down mould can be adjusted as per required. The after-shaped fake hairnet has a perfect radian and at the same time it ensures acceptability of the next welding process.
ii. Fake hairnet ultrasonic welding equipment
The specialized tooling and horn imitated head shape, matching with foot switch, the equipment will complete welding process with high efficiency and good forming effect.

Type KCH-2020
Frequency 20KHz
Wattage 2000W
Size 700*600*1900mm(height-adjustable)
iii. Fake hairnet portable spot welder

The final process is overlock welding according to the customer demand. The spot welding machine is very easy to operate, and the handle can be made into hand-type and gun-type.
Type KCH-0528
Frequency 28KHz
Wattage 500W
Size 300*150*230mm
Weight 6kg

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                        Hairnet forming machine                         Fake hairnet ultrasonic welding equipment           Fake hairnet portable spot welder

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Service Process:

You offer information of the workpieces being welded ( like pictures, materials, sizes, requirements, etc.. If have samples, you'd better to send us some to perform the welding test )——If can be welded, we provide offer sheet——Once confirmed, sign a contract——You paid deposit——Equipment manufacture——Pass your acceptance, and after the receipt of your balance payment, deliver device to you.

Samples of hairnet machine:
Samples of hairnet machine