Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Apply to joining almost all materials such as ABS, PE, PA, PC, PP, PS, PET, etc.. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is
widely used in many industries including medical industry, auto parts industry, and packaging industry.

ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Hot Melt Machine

Apply to welding larger parts,or refractory plastic workpieces, such as washing machine balancing ring, instrument panels,steering wheels, car glove box, etc.. By designing the shape of the workpieces, hot melt welding is easier than ultrasonic plastic welding.

Friction Welding Machine

Apply to soldering rotary workpieces, and
is not limited by the workpiece sizes and materials. Compared with ultrasonic weld-
ing and hot melt welding, friction welding can reach a highest welding strength
based on equal conditions.

  friction welding machine

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Apply to cleaning hardware, jewelry, glasses, gears, bearings, surgical instruments etc.. It is applicable to intermittent cleaning operation of small batch workpieces and can be widely applied in plants, hospitals, shops and scientific research institutes.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

Customized Welding Machine

As long as you tell us the data of products being welded, such as the materials, sizes, welding requirements, etc., we will provide you with the best plastic welding machine solutions and customized designed welding equipments.


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